We get asked one question a lot for photo sessions… “what should I wear?”, & here are some suggestions.

Begin with one member of the party/family if it’s a group sitting, and work out from there.

Keep in mind the season & weather and decided location. Start by selecting a color palette that will look well with the group complexion, & colors to match surroundings and then coordinate with the additional outfits.

Discuss your ideas with family and us, and comfort is always important as it will show in your facial expressions and how you pose. Wear comfortable clothing to create smiles and happy feelings - the most important thing is to capture these moments.

It’s important to involve the family for ideas to create a custom portrait session and come up with ideas to personalize your session. You don't have to match jeans/khakis and a white shirt, you'll want to complement outfits by selecting colors that work well together. White can actually not be great in bright light settings and sometimes not for pale complexions.

Color coordinate with each other and maybe add texture such as lace, corduroy, or denim and consider adding a pop of color.

Avoid large brand names, logo’s, emblems and graphics (unless it’s for business & intentional), because this will take the attention away from you.

It’s an idea to choose outfits that are not too trendy, that you will still look back fondly at the portraits for many years to come. Jeans are classic and can be incorporated with a variety of fabrics, textures and accessories.

We want to capture each individual as they truly are and plan ahead and to make sure you've given yourself enough time to think about all of the details of your session.

Think about your photos and everything you want from the session - you don’t want to rush and stress out right before your session.

Always avoid any new looks or a drastic change in hair color or hair cut before a portrait session.

Try to keep makeup looking natural, avoid using very heavy makeup. A pop of color on lips, eyes, and cheeks will accentuate your appearance.  You need to look like you!

Depending on the photo session you book, we may send you some additional notes, tips and considerations to take into account.

Remember to relax! The best you will shine through.

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